Private Accounting Solutions

High net worth individuals have finance and accounting needs that require basic, yet valuable services. Rather than deal with the expense and hassle of employing full time staff members, many clients simply engage us to provide the following personal accounting services for them.

Bill Paying, Accounting and Financial Statement Preparation — We can serve as the individual’s or family’s full accounting department, processing cash receipts and disbursements, reconciling accounts, and performing month-end, quarter-end or annual general ledger and financial reporting functions.

Investment Accounting — Our accounting professionals help individuals and families with significant or complex investments with tracking, reconciling and accounting for investment activity.

Other Specialized Accounting — We are experienced in handling the unique accounting and reporting issues related to family partnerships, private aircraft ownership and leasing, foundations and charitable entities, alternative investment funds, construction projects and closely-held businesses.

Preparation of Budgets and Cash-Flow Projections — We help clients formulate budgets, and forecast and monitor performance, while providing continued financial analysis focused on achieving strategic plans.

Payroll Reporting — We assist clients with payroll processing and the preparation of payroll tax returns and annual Forms W-2 for personal employees.

Coordination with Andersen Tax and Wealth Planning Professionals — Our comprehensive tax and wealth planning team has broad experience in individual income tax planning and compliance, estate and gift tax planning and compliance, charitable giving strategies, and international/cross-border consulting and tax compliance. Our finance and accounting methodology is designed to maximize the efficiencies of the entire team. Our private accounting systems and schedules are set up to meet monthly accounting and reporting needs and to provide direct interface with our tax and wealth planning professionals.

Temporary Staffing Assistance — We have experienced accounting professionals who can step in on an interim basis to help with special projects, meet seasonal needs, fill an unexpected vacancy, or assist in times of transition or growth as they relate to finance and accounting.

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