Andersen Consulting®

Now more than ever, a key component of financial management is the presence of an objective, independent voice that considers your needs and your vision, while maintaining a holistic view of your current financial situation. Andersen is a truly fee-only tax and financial planner; we do not sell any investment or insurance products, nor do we earn commissions. Our investment consultants, therefore, can provide a candid assessment of the performance of your portfolio and determine whether or not it is supporting your financial strategies.

Frequently, our clients ask us to sit alongside them and assist them in making effective, informed choices that reflect their unique financial and investment goals. Our independence gives us a broad perspective on the various players in the market and you can feel confident in our assessment knowing we have investment consulting expertise but no vested interest in the choices we present to you, or in the decisions you make. Our clients feel confident that the advice they receive is coming from a totally objective and independent source.

There are three components of our investment consulting services that can be offered together or independent of one another:

  • Establishment of an investment policy statement
  • Selection of managers and a custodian for one or more segments of the portfolio allocation
  • Ongoing monitoring and performance reporting

In addition, we are often asked to perform special projects, such as:

  • Consulting on the advantages/disadvantages of derivative products and strategies, including cost, structure and tax treatment
  • Advising the investment personnel about due diligence processes and procedures

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